PASS Access Systems

Gerard ter Veen, Pass access systems (NL):
“The internationalisation is Ruben’s achievement”

“I have been working with Bam Bormet for 25 years, so I have known Ruben since he was a little boy. I saw him starting in the company, first as a working student, later mainly as a software developer.

In the past few years, since he took over the company, there have been enormous changes: first of all the internationalisation , and then of course, the move to the new premises.

Sometimes during such a busy period, you risk losing focus on your core business and your clients, but Ruben picks up on these things quickly and accurately if you mention it to him. He is very open to discussing matters and works really hard to increase efficiency and to optimise both the production process and the actual products.

The reason why I have been working together with Bam Bormet for so many years is the quality of their products. It’s only possible to build up a long-term business relationship if you deliver top quality.

The way the company is currently working on internationalisation is incredibly smart, and consequently they are winning amazing assignments, such as the access systems at Schiphol Airport. This is primarily Ruben’s merit.”