Bi-folding speedgate with overhead track

In a speedgate with overhead guide, a rail guides the speedgate to an open and closed position. A speedgate with overhead guide is often chosen in parking garages, apartment complexes or other locations where the opening in walls must be closed. The top guide of the speedgate indicates the height restriction. For our speedgates with overhead guide, the maximum height is 4m.

In addition, the top guide provides a solid construction around the speedgate. This extends the MCBF (Mean cycles between failure) and provides additional burglary resistance. As an additional measure, a lower catch can be added to increase the burglary resistance.

Our speedgates with overhead guides are custom made in our workshop in Nieuwerkerken and delivered ready for installation.

If you have any questions about our speedgates, please contact us. We will be happy to assist you.

Dimensions double bi-folding speed gate

Width:                4m to 12m

Height:               2m to 4m

Dimensions single bi-folding speed gate

Width:                2m to 6m

Height:               2m to 4m

Some gate heights are not available at all widths.