Bi-folding speed gates: for areas with heavy traffic and high security requirements

The bi-folding speed gate, also called quick folding gate, is ideal for high traffic passageways with high security requirements.
They open and close at lightning speed like a barrier, so no one has to wait. Even if you combine them with an access control system, passage is just as smooth. Due to the design, our bi-folding speed gates are as safe as a regular gate and thus a reliable demarcation of any area.

Controlling the quick folding gate

The following controls are standard and must be controlled via a potential free contact on the terminal block:

  • Open the direction independently, in or out
  • Open single leaf on the master side (only works with double speed gate)
  • Partial opening for cyclists or pedestrians
  • Stop
  • Close
  • Open the dead man
  • Close the dead man

The open and closed position is reported back to the building management system via a voltage-free relay.


Our bi-folding speed gates come with photocell curtains and active rubber contact strips standardly installed. The photocell curtains detect vehicles passing the speedgate. When they have passed the curtains the quick-folding gate can close. The contact strips have an anti-tampering function. When a person or vehicle is between the wings during closing, the speed gate will open again due to the sensors in this strip. 


  • Lower catch
  • Upper catch
  • LED traffic light
  • Photo cell protection against trapping
  • Signal light
  • Wire connection
  • Powder coating in RAL color
  • Other interpretation of the panels

Click here to see one of our bi-folding speed gates in action.

If you have a doubts about which quick-folding gate is right for you, don't hesistate to contact us.